Chorégraphie aquatique,
acrylic on canvas, 122 x 92 cm
Rumpelmayr -- A moment in time

If I had to describe my painting, I would say it is non figurative rather than abstract. I offer emotions to the ones who allow themselves to feel some. I have often been told that my paintings radiate energy. During my childhood in the Saguenay Region in Northern Quebec, I was lucky to be able to enjoy large landscape spaces. Nature always impressed me and still does. It can be wonderfully calm but also dangerously powerful. To observe nature makes me realize the complementarity, the rhythm and the simplicity of living things. Nature nourishes me. It gives me the matter and the energy. It contains the essence of rhythms and of colors. I try not to imitate it, but with its nourishment, to surpass myself in my art. »

Denise Rumpelmayr



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